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Technologies for the World


Technologies for the World


​​ We're data science community-building platform that aims to solve humanitarian problems around the world through  proprietary mathematical algohrithm ​​

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We've encountered  a new era where economic nationalism and trade protectionism hinder the movement of capital and labor across countries in the world. Recent observations imply how such initiatives take ripple effects throughout developed countries that steer backwards from where we used to be headed toward globalization.
Accordingly, it is expected that the friction-less movement of technologies - particularly into developing world from where more resources are available - might be restricted. In turn, among our concerns amid headwind driven by wavering policies of trade are delayed activities of fighting poverty in the frontier markets, of economic development in the developing world, of overcoming aging demographics in the developed nations.  
One of solutions NousConnectar can provide in order to overcome the aforementioned circumstance is to develop technologies and to make them more transferable from one country to the other irrespective of barriers that might be caused by different languages, cultures, and physical locations.
Ultimately, we strive to help diverse projects and potential stakeholders get better connected by reducing  information-barrier. Again, the key to accomplishing the goal is how efficiently and effectively we can put right technologies in place to be combined with exiting tools and knowledge.

Operational Efficiency:
We help enterprises better evaluate and monitor risks that stem from their business model. Customized solutions are supported by data-driven technologies and bottom-up approach

Mathematical application for impact quatification:
We perform assessment of impact that mission-driven organizations claim to generate.  Mathematical tools are applied to the way abstract and qualitative impact is translated into financial language

​Automated Due Diligence:
Beyond  traditional due diligence services, technologies-backed approaches help investors find right enterprises in more efficient manner